• ULTIMA from £750

          A powerful budget gaming PC

        • REACTOR From £1000

          A perfect midrange PC

        • PREDATOR from £1299

          Performance at a great price

        • EXTREME from £2000

          The best of the best

        • Sim-X Hornet FROM £1000

          A fantastic starting point for any serious simmer. Perfect for X-Plane 11

        • Sim X-Lightning from £1500

          A true power PC. Capable of multi-screens at decent frame rates.

        • Sim X-15 from £1800

          Serious about simming? Look no further for the best you can buy.

        • Microsoft Flight Simulator

          Designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

        • Inferno Reactor FROM £950

          Great value gaming laptop with powerful nVidia graphics.

        • Inferno Predator FROM £1450

          Enthusiast Level Laptop high end Nvidia gaming

        • Inferno Elite FROM £1950

          Pro level desktop replacement

        • Inferno Elite FROM £1950

          Pro level desktop replacement

        • ULTIMA WS from £600

          Designed for getting the job done.

        • COMING SOON..

          Check back soon

        • COMING SOON..

          Check back soon

        • COMING SOON..

          Check back soon

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Gaming PCs

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Wired2Fire have been building gaming PCs for 15 years. Our wealth of experience helps makes great gaming PCs and allows us to offer you not only the very best in performance but value too.  We have a select range of systems that can be customised to your exact requirements.  If you are unsure what you need, give us a call. We can guide you in choosing the best possible PC for your gaming needs.

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More than just a COMPUTER

Wired2Fire’s attention to detail means our gaming systems are no average desktop PC. We combine industry leading testing, skilled overclocking and high quality well balanced components to make our PCs outrageously quick. Service is also extremely important. We offer a fantastic warranty, great support and FREE UK delivery, so you can be sure you’re getting incredible value too.



Now the new GeForce RTX SUPER™ Series has even more cores and higher clocks, bringing you performance that’s up to 25% faster than the original RTX 20 Series. It’s time to gear up and get super powers.

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Bend the rules The new Navi based AMD Graphics available now Buy Now
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Wired2Fire only use the best components to guarantee reliability, stability, performance and style.  All our systems are equipped with Asus motherboards by default for world class reliability and performance.  We use many other trusted brands in our systems including Cooler Master, Corsair, Samsung, Intel, AMD and many more.

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The Wired2Fire Ultima is a pared-down, pure bred, gaming machine.  Designed with one purpose, to maximise frame rates! A perfectly balanced, beautifully formed gaming machine.

  • GTX 1650 Graphics
  • Intel Core i3 9100 Quad Core
  • 8 GB 2400MHz DDR4
  • Seagate 1TB/8GB Solid State Hybrid Drive


The Wired2Fire Reactor is a CPU overclocked, purpose built gaming rig that offers peerless performance versus value. We’ve invested where it matters for a gaming rig, in a powerful nVidia GTX 1660 Ti.

  • GTX 1660 Ti Graphics
  • Intel Core i5 9600K overclocked
  • 16 GB 2400MHz DDR4
  • Fast 240GB SSD


The Wired2Fire Predator leads where others follow.  For ultra realistic graphics, silky response and multi-tasking power, it delivers! A great value system for anyone that takes pc gaming seriously.

  • RTX 2060 Super Graphics
  • AMD Ryzen 7 3700X overclocked
  • 16 GB 2400MHz DDR4
  • Fast 480GB SSD


The Wired2Fire Extreme is the ultimate performance desktop. It’s an astonishingly powerful set up that offers you the best gaming and most powerful multi-threaded power this side of a super computer.

  • RTX 2080 Super Graphics
  • Intel Core i7 9900K overclocked
  • 16GB Corsair 3000MHz DDR4
  • Samsung 512GB NVMe SSD