The Wired2Fire Predator leads where others follow.  For ultra realistic graphics, silky response and multi-tasking power, it delivers! A great value system for anyone that takes pc gaming seriously.

  • RTX 3060 Ti Graphics
  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600X overclocked
  • 16 GB 3000MHz DDR4
  • Ultrafast 1Tb NMVE SSD

£1,530.00 (inc VAT)

Pro Gamer

The Wired2Fire Predator begs you turn the settings up. With so much power, you can run 4K or start pushing the limit on the in game settings, cranking up the realism. The RTX 3060 Ti matches and beats the old RTX 2070 for power and gives you real time ray tracing in games like Battlefield V for some incredible visual effects.

This powerful graphics solution is balanced by the Ryzen 5 5600X, a great CPU for gaming and even better for multi-threaded power hungry applications. So the Predator is not just a gamers dream, but a powerful choice for designers, video editors and anyone with a requirement for a powerful but good value PC.

Overall, the Predator is one of the most well rounded PCs available anywhere, and in our opinion hits the sweet spot if you are seriously into gaming.

Performance Details

The nVidia RTX 3060 Ti is without doubt a GPU that will run games beautifully. The huge 8GBs of ultra fast GDDR6 memory and the latest Turing architecture allow it to romp through 4K resolutions. There is very little else that can match it, so you can be sure you’ll be seeing the best of your games.

The recently released Ryzen 5 5600X is the first time for a long time that AMD have really challenged Intel at this price point in the gaming domain. With gaming performance similar to the i7 9700K at a better price and a far superior multi-threaded performance, this makes a sensible choice for such a powerful PC.

We’ve equipped the Predator with a large 1TB NVME SSD as standard, so you have room for plenty of games and more and keep everything loading quickly with 16GB of DDR4 memory.

Red Green and Blue

The MSI Vampiric 110R case is the perfect housing for such a high end product. The three 120mm RGB fans give you the flexibility with the look, but also keeps the internals nice and cool. Importantly, it does this quietly.

The internal build is shown off in all its glory through the side window, with exposed cables kept to a minimum by the psu shroud and cable covers integral to the case.

The mesh front panels gives you even better ventilation.


The Wired2Fire Predator comes equipped with an integrated RGB controller, so you get to choose whatever colour you want. Two front of case USB 3 and a headphone and mic jacks are present for easy connectivity. On the rear you will get 6 x USB 3.1 ports. Display connectivity comes in the form of HDMI, displayport and USB type C with up to 4 monitors connected with appropriate cables or adaptors.