• Ultima

          High performance budget gaming PC.

        • Reactor

          Supercharged performance at a great price.

        • Predator

          Exceptional high performance gaming PC

        • Ultimate | Powered By MSI

          The ultimate gaming PC

        • Sim X-Valkyrie

          Designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

        • Sim X-Wasp

          Designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

        • Sim X-Hornet FROM £1000

          A fantastic starting point for any serious simmer. Perfect for X-Plane 11

        • Sim X-Lightning from £1500

          A true power PC. Capable of multi-screens at decent frame rates.

        • Sim X-15 from £1800

          Serious about simming? Look no further for the best you can buy.

        • ULTIMA WS from £600

          Designed for getting the job done.

        • Extreme WS from £2000

          A phenomenally powerful workstation able to handle most video production tasks with ease.

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Samsung U32R590 Curved 32 Inch 4K Monitor

£415.00 (inc VAT)

In our opinion this is one of the best 4K monitors out there when you consider the price.  Whilst it lacks the ultra high refresh rates of the “dedicated” gaming monitors, it still offers a great display for most gamers.  Combining ultra high resolution of a 4K screen on a substantial 32″ screen, makes for a fantastic gaming experience.  The curved screen means you feel more immersed when gaming and you don’t lose any detail due to the hugely impressive resolution 3840 pixels wide by 2160 high.