Why Buy from Us?
Here are ten good reasons to buy from Wired2Fire!

2.Great value
3.Build Quality
5.Testing and Reliability
7.Friendly and approachable
8.Available immediately.
9.No jargon
10.Technical Support


We don’t just throw your PC together, each and every component is carefully selected to create the absolute perfect balance of price and performance. We don’t use cheap generic components, so we’re already ahead of the competition when it comes to producing systems that run blisteringly fast. It doesn’t stop there, we also spend time setting up your system by hand. We don’t use images, we don’t install every PC the same way, we taylor it to get the most from the components installed.

Each and every system is installed and set up by one of our skilled technicians who will ensure all the latest drivers are installed, unlike most manufacturers, we don’t just install the out of date drivers provided on the driver CDs, we ensure the very latest chipset, graphics and audio drivers are installed to unlock the absolutely best performance possible.

We ensure all the latest security updates are installed and windows updates are in place, which means you don’t have to spend hours updating and rebooting your brand new system before you can actually use it. Simply plug it in, install your games and you’re away.

The motherboard BIOS will also be updated to the latest available, meaning you get the best performance and the highest degree of stability. We don’t just leave it at that, we also go through the BIOS settings in detail – setting the memory timings and turning off unused devices.

If you select the overclocking option (available at no extra cost), we’ll improve the performance of your system even further by boosting the processor clock speeds. However, its not simply a case of increasing the clock speeds, we ensure that the overclocked system is absolutely stable, this is tested to exacting standards to ensure complete stability.

Great Value

Whilst performance is paramount in a gaming system, we know that everyone wants great value. Thats why we put just as much effort into ensuring we offer some of the most competive pricing on the market. Our systems are exceptionally good value, even more so when you consider the exacting standards to which each and every system is built. We’re able to source components at great prices and we pass this saving onto you, the customer. Very few companies come close to our pricing, and when they do, that price comes at a cost – namely poor customer service or lower quality components.

Its not just on the low end that we provide an excellent price. Too many system builders assume that just because a system uses high end components, they can add a much higher margin. That’s not our philosophy, we offer great value across our entire range – from our bargain VX systems right through to our top of the range Extreme systems.

Build Quality

Build quality is absolutely paramount to an excellent gaming rig – this goes from the build quality of the individual components, where we use the market leading brands such as Corsair, Sapphire, Zotac, Coolermaster and Antec, through to the machine assembly.

Your system, irrespective of which system you’ve ordered, will be lovingly put together by a skilled system builder. They will ensure the system is set up perfectly. All the wiring will be fitted immaculately, so the system not only looks great on the outside, but also looks stunning on the inside too. Small details, like the fitting of the CPU heatsink can make a massive difference to the cooling performance, which ensures the whole system runs perfectly.

Carefully routed cables maximise airflow to ensure the system stays cool and stable through out its life. Correct handling of components also means components are treated with the care that sensitive electronics deserve, further improving reliability levels.


While a boring square box will do for some gamers, we think that a system must look as good as it performs. We’ve selected a range of stunning, high quality chassis’ to give you some of the best looking PCs on the market. If you want something specific, we can get almost any chassis or customisation available to make your system totally unique. If you choose a case with a window, you don’t want to be showing a mess of wires – with Wired2fire you won’t have to worry about the inside looking a total mess, it will look just as good as the outside.

Testing and Reliability

All of our systems are thoroughly tested to reduce the chances of a system fault. It’s not simply a case of turning the system on to see if it works. Our technicians go through a rigorous series of checks and tests to make sure your system is working perfectly.

The first thing we do is test the system is performing as it should. We do this by running the system through a series of synthetic and real game benchmarks, which you will see the results of in the system manual.

We check all the ports are working correctly and all the components are behaving as expected. The audio system, USB ports, optical drives and ethernet ports are all individually tested.

Finally, the system is put through one of the most rigorous stress tests possible. We will set the system up as it will ship to you, and then run Prime 95 continuously on all processor Cores. This tests the CPU and memory integrity and increases the system temperatures to well beyond what normal gaming use would produce. This is run for 18 hours straight – any errors or problems and we start again. We also simultaneously test the graphics sub system by running a looped test to check standard graphics functions as well as specific tests, this also runs for the full 18 hours. The screen output is also visually inspected for artifacts to make absolutely certain any weak components are removed before the system ships to you.

The net result of this testing is that we have an excellent level of reliability. By stressing components for long periods of time we pick up anything that may become faulty. As a result, the chances you will have to call our excellent support line will be very small.


All our staff live and breath PCs, so you know that you’ll be getting the best possible advice through the purchase proccess and lifetime of your system. Sometimes it can be hard to tell the advantages of one option over another, we can help you decide by offering concise, easily understandable information. We won’t push you to buy the most expensive part, we will offer common sense options to get the best possible balance for your budget.

Getting the right PC in the first place is absolutely essential, but buying from Wired2Fire, the exceptional product knowledge doesn’t end there. Need a driver update? No problem, give us a call or send an email and we can point you in the right direction.

Having a problem getting the system to install something? We will help you diagnose the problem. All our staff are experienced, well trained and can all offer you the same excellent level of service.

Friendly and approachable

There is nothing worse than phoning up any company and being treated like a number. Our staff will be faultlessly polite, they won’t mind you asking as many questions as you want, in fact, they quite like showing off their knowledge. Don’t be embarrassed to ask even the simplest of questions. That’s what we’re here for – not everyone can spend each and every day researching PCs, which is why we don’t expect you to know everything there is to know about what you’re buying. Just ask.

Available immediately.

We realise that not everyone has a boss who will let them browse the web all day or use the phone for personal calls. That’s why we’re available 5 days a week. We’re open until 6pm weekdays if you need to talk to someone about a potential purchase, or you need support there will be someone available who can help.
You’ll get through to someone immediately, no waiting around, just call us and someone answers straight away.

No Jargon

Not everyone knows the difference between a CPU and a PSU, so we will taylor our responses to your level. That means no jargon, just easily understood advice that is honest and reliable.

Technical support

Once you’ve purchased your system the Wired2Fire service doesn’t end there. We’re here to help. In the event that you do have problem, we’ll be here to help you out immediately. In most cases this support can resolve an issue almost straight away, even if the problem is more difficult to pin down, we’ll do our very best to get you up and running immediately.

Should you need to have your system repaired, it will be collected by our couriers as soon as is convenient for you. We’ll get to work and repair the system as quickly as possible, running the system through our full battery of tests again to ensure any new components are functioning correctly.