Ultima WS Home Office Workstation

The Wired2Fire Ultima WS an ultra fast home office/workstation PC at a fantastic price.

  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600G 6 Core / 12 Threads
  • 16 GB 3000MHz DDR4
  • Wired2Fire 1TB NVMe PCIE SSD

£689.00 (inc VAT)

Great Value Workstation Performance

The Ultima WS is focused purely on productivity. We want to make your life easier by pushing performance in common productivity software. That’s why we’ve focused this system on speed across CPU, memory and storage.

To achieve this, we started with the superb value performance AMD Ryzen 3600 processor. The beating heart of this beast that crunches the numbers at an astonishing rate. We pair this with ultra fast 3000MHz memory, which the Ryzen architecture thrives on. To keep the load times to blink and you’ll miss it timings, we’ve even managed to squeeze in a huge 1TB nVME solid state drive.

Overall, a perfect setup for general productivity, video editing, CAD design, music production or anything else that requires a fast PC.

Wired2Fire Ultima WS Value Workstation
Wired2Fire Ultima WS Value Workstation

Performance Details

The AMD Ryzen 3600 is a 6 core, 12 thread CPU overclocking up to 4.2GHz on one core. Improved memory cache helps performance by reducing the number of slow memory read writes. Coupled with the excellent wraith cooler, it makes a quiet, yet powerful basis for exceptional workstation PC.

We have included a generous 16GB of 3000MHz memory. This means the Ultima WS can run multiple applications whilst maintaining a high level of performance.

A stand out feature is the direct to PCI Express bus nVME storage drive. It’s a huge 1TB so should satisfy most requirements. More importantly, direct communication between storage, system memory and CPU is no longer bottlenecked by the slow SATA connection. This means blisteringly fast load and save times with a nice quick startup of Windows too.

We’ve even included a nVidia GT 710 graphics card, which offers nVidia Purevideo decoding technology along with multi-monitor support and you can even play a good game of Fortnite on it!

Creative Professional

If you are looking for an incredible value PC to run your professional software, but don’t want to spend a fortune, then the Ultima WS will suit you perfectly. A great starting point for anyone looking for a powerful CAD design, video editing, photo editing, 3D modelling, software development and more.

Wired2Fire Ultima WS Value Workstation
Wired2Fire Ultima WS connectivity


The Wired2Fire Ultima WS is equipped with plenty of USB ports. We’ve ensured that all your peripherals and monitors can be connected with ease. You will get 1 x USB 3 and 2 x USB 2 front ports, 4 x USB 3.2 and 4 x USB 2 ports on the back. Monitor connectivity is catered for with VGA, DVI and HDMI. Additionally, you get standard front and rear audio jacks and wired RJ45 network port.